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Easy-to-understand content imparted using techniques like video lectures and animations designed by IITians and PhDs who have consistently coached students into the top 100 ranks.


Practice not only makes you perfect, it also ensures you a seat in a premier institute. Practice regularly with meticulously designed exercises, chapter-wise tests, JEE Main and Advanced tests as it can only ensure a seat in a premier institute.


Comparative analysis of your results is vital to knowing where you stand among other aspirants. The analysis also pinpoints the areas you need to focus on and offers relevant suggestions.


  • Convenience of learning at one's own pace
  • Studygroups for collective learning
  • Collaborative learning with Friends
  • Leverage community knowledge for clearing doubts


  • With only 6% additional costs, ensure your child overcomes learning gaps created by conventional coaching methods
  • Access to intuitive analytical reports that provide comprehensive and comparative analysis of your child's performance
  • Timely and guided recommendations to improve your child's performance

Educational Institutions

  • Complementary study material for students
  • Extended engagement of students outside the classroom
  • Active participation from students in collective learning
  • Easy assessment of students

JEE Studymate - The Most Comprehensive & intuitive Study compliment

The user-friendly JEE Study Mate has been built after months of research by our experienced academicians to aid the student in the learning process. Being well categorized into subjects, sections and subsections, you can navigate and effortlessly access any video or animated lecture, test yourself in each topic immediately after the session, take tests without a hassle and resume studying exactly where you left off.

Each chapter of every subject has been explained in detail by teachers who carry with them over 20 years of experience in coaching students into IITs and other premier institutes. The 800-plus hours worth of videos and animation lectures cover the most basic to the most complex topics. In addition, there are thousands of solved examples to clear any doubts and tests to make sure you have followed.

An all time access to animation videos and lectures in the words of an experienced professor ensures you have a virtual classroom which is more beneficial and engaging than going over a paragraph in the textbook for the nth time. Retention improves when you have visual aids to accompany text and scores of solved examples guide you step by step through every complicated problem.

Gaining command over a complex topic requires detailed reasoning, several revisions and multiple tests. Coaching institutes can often not allow such luxuries. Learpedia bridges this gap by empowering you with the freedom to learn at a pace, place and time of your convenience. It is designed to not only help you with your classroom coaching but to also complement it with tests, examples, exams and analysis.