Learnpedia-JEE Online Studymate


Simplified and interactive multi-media content of Score prepares students to face the challenges of various competitive exams confidently and competently. Accomplished faculty who have been responsible for coaching students into gaining admissions in top schools and universities, have designed and developed the content for Score.


Multi-level tests and copious sessions of practice with video solutions ensure the students become proficient in test-prep. These practice sessions and tests which have been meticulously curated by experts, truly empower the students to ace the exams.


Score offers a unique performance tracking system that allows the students to monitor and surpass records of peers within the group. Comparative analysis fosters healthy competitive spirit helping every student to perform better. Score's insightful analytics also pinpoints the areas to focus upon and offers relevant recommendations.


  • • One stop platform for all test-prep needs
  • • Interactive and multi-media content makes learning fun and fascinating
  • • Convenient and easy access
  • • Collaborative learning with friends
  • • Doubts can be cleared regularly
  • • Performance analysis and recommendations help study smarter


  • • At just an incremental cost, your child can overcome learning gaps created by conventional coaching methods
  • • Access to intuitive analytical reports that provide comprehensive and comparative analysis of your child's performance
  • • Timely and guided recommendations to improve your child's performances

Educational Institutions

  • • Complementary personalised study tool for students
  • • Extended engagement of students outside the classroom
  • • Active participation from students in collective learning
  • • Easy assessment of students